Hello. You may be interested about me, the author and maintainer of this website. If you are curious about my Masonic history please read on.

Roman was admitted to the Order over 33 years ago, in May 1986, while serving in the Royal Australian Air Force (RAAF) in Perth, Western Australia. He was initiated in Lodge Wandana No. 323, Western Australian Constitution. Roman also affiliated, in October 1987, with United Press Lodge No. 134. After 12 months he advanced to the 3rd Degree and then eagerly commenced his progression through the offices of the Lodge reaching Junior Deacon before being posted to RAAF Base Darwin in the Northern Territory.

In 1995 Roman affiliated with Leichhardt Lodge of Research No. 255, South Australia and Northern Territory Constitution, where he progressed to the office of Junior Warden.

Some years passed where professional and domestic priorities - namely getting married - took precedence over active involvement in the Order. Roman then relocated to Canberra as a Defence civilian where he is still employed at Defence Headquarters, Russell Offices, in the Australian Capital Territory (ACT).

Roman affiliated, in 2008, with Lodge Commonwealth of Australia No. 633, New South Wales & Australian Capital Territory Constitution, where he was elected to the office of Senior Warden. The following year, in December 2009, Roman was Installed as Worshipful Master and served the Lodge in that Office for two consecutive years.

After Installing his successor into the Chair, Roman chose to support Lodge Commonwealth's daughter Lodge and affiliated with Lodge Gowrie of Canberra No. 715, where he was elected to the office of Director of Ceremonies. In September 2013 Roman was again elected into the Chair and, in November 2013, was re-installed as Worshipful Master, Lodge Gowrie of Canberra, where he again served in the Office for two consecutive years.

In September 2014 Roman was conferred the Grand rank of Past Deputy Grand Director of Ceremonies (PDGDC).

In October 2015 Roman was accepted as an affiliate member by the Brethren of Lodge Queanbeyan St Andrew No. 56. The Lodge meets in the Queanbeyan Masonic Centre, New South Wales, which houses a beautifully ornate Lodge room steeped in Masonic history and tradition, and the same building in which Roman was first Installed Worshipful Master in 2009.

At the Grand Communication in June 2016 the Grand Master announced Roman’s appointment to the office of District Grand Inspector of Workings (DGIW) for District 48 effective from September 2016 for the term 2016-2018. In June 2018 Roman was appointed to the office of DGIW for District 47 for the term 2018-2020.

Roman has had the privalege of serving the Ancient & Accepted Sottish Rite for three consecutive years as Most Wise Sovereign of Canberra Sovereign Chapter No 24 which meets at the Canberra Masonic Centre; and is currently serving as Grand Master of Ceremonies of ACT Sovereign Council No 2.

In March 2019 Roman was appointed District Recorder of District NSW South Eastern and ACT.

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