The Ancient & Accepted Scottish Rite is the largest appendant Order in Freemasonry. Admission is available to Master Masons who have completed the three degrees of Symbolic Masonry within a regularly constituted Craft Lodge. 


History of the Rite

The origins of the Rite can be traced back to the mid-1750s in Bordeaux France. A number of Lodges, each daughters of Lodge L'Anglais, began practising a 25 Degree system known as the Rite of the Royal Secret.

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Structure of the Rite

The Supreme Council of the 33° for Australia is the sovereign authority for the Rite within Australia. The Supreme Council is led by the Sovereign Grand Commander who is supported by eight other Council members. 

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Degrees of the Rite

The Degrees of the Rite within Australia are listed below. Although minor variations in naming convention can be found in some international jurisdictions, the moral teaching and lessons of the Degrees remain consistant.

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Consistories of the Rite

A Consistory is formed from members of the 32nd and 33rd Degrees and its role is to work the 31° Grand Inspector Commander, and the 32° Sublime Prince of the Royal Secret, for the Region. Members of the 31st Degree take part in the 31° ceremony.

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Improvement of the Rite

A Chapter of Improvement is formed by members of the Rite and its role is to work, in full, the Intermediate Degrees which are conferred by name only within a Sovereign Chapter during the ceremony of Perfection.

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Regalia of the Rite

The regalia worn by members of the Rite is colourful and ornate and includes collars with suspended jewels, sashes, collarettes with suspended jewels, and if a member of the Sovereign Council chain collars with a cap.

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