Chapters of Improvement

A Chapter of Improvement is formed by members of the Rite and its role is to work, in full, the Intermediate Degrees which are conferred by name only within a Sovereign Chapter during the ceremony of Perfection. These degrees, the 4th to the 17th, would otherwise take a candidate years to complete if he were to progress sequentially through each ceremony as in a Craft Lodge.
A Chapter of Improvement exists within most Regions under the Supreme Council for Australia. All members of the Rite are encouraged to attend a Chapter of Improvement to experience each Degree ceremony.
For Region 1, the Holden Chapter of Improvement meets at the Artarmon Masonic Centre, within the District of NSW Sydney Northern, on the 5th Wednesday of the month (when they fall) from 7:30pm. It takes the Chapter two to three years to cycle through all of the degree ceremonies at which time the cycle repeats. All members of the Rite who enjoy delivering our ritual, or who would like to further their knowledge and education by witnessing the ceremonies, may join the Chapter. Visitors are warmly welcome.
A link to the Holden Chapter of Improvement's website may be found on the Links page from where you will find additional information about membership and their Newsletters.
Members may not all be aware that the ritual for the 4° to 17° is available from the Grand East as a single 248 page beautifully bound document, as pictured below. Further details are available through your Chapter or District Recorders.
 Ritual of the Intermediate Degrees 4° to 17°
Ritual of the Intermediate Degrees 4° to 17°

Beyond the Craft

The collar jewel of the Rose Croix or 18°Are you already a Master Mason seeking to progress and advance in Masonic knowledge? Visit the Ancient & Accepted Scottish Rite for Australia to learn how to continue your journey beyond the Third Degree

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