The regalia worn by members of the Rite is colourful and beautifully ornate and includes: collars with suspended jewels; sashes; collarettes with suspended jewels; and if a member of the 33rd Degree, a chain collarette with suspended jewel and a distinctive cap.


Ancient & Accepted Scottish Rite Regalia (for Australia)

Degree Collar Collar Jewel Collarette Collarette Jewel Sash Cap
18°  18 collar 120px 18 collarjewel 120px
N/A   N/A N/A   N/A
30° N/A   N/A 30 collarette 120px   30 collarettejewel 120px 30 sash 120px
31°  31 collar 120px 31 collarjewel 120px
31 collarette 120px

 31 collarettejewel 120px
 N/A  N/A
32° 32 collar 120px 
 32 collarjewel 120px

 32 collarette 120px
 32 collarettejewel 120px  N/A  N/A
33°  N/A  N/A 33 collarette 120px   33 collarettejewel 120px
 33 sash 120px
 33 cap 120px





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